Stun Guns – What Everyone Should Know Prior to Purchasing

 Stun Guns – What Everyone Should Know Prior to Purchasing


Why Own a Stun Device
Well, as laws seem to get more and more restrictive these days on purchasing and using hand guns, people are turning to a much easier to obtain, and safer to handle form of self defense called the stun gun. While stun  38 super ammo  devices do have some legal restrictions depending on the state in which one resides, they are readily available for most, and a very affordable and easy to purchase alternative to a handgun.

One of the benefits of owning a stun weapon over a handgun, aside from the ease of purchasing, is that a stun gun is not fatal…which is very important if you have curious children in the house who may find it despite your best efforts to hide it. From 1999 to 2009 – 1,271 children 17 years of age or under, where killed by accidental firearm discharge according to the Center for Disease Control WISQARS Database. While I am a staunch supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, I understand the fears that some parents have when it comes to keeping a handgun in the house when children are present. As for those who want to blame the gun for these unfortunate deaths… I ask; how many of you own swimming pools and are you prepared to give them up because according to the same report, 10,101 children in the same age group died by accidental drowning.

Self Defense
Stun devices are an ideal self defense weapon because they have several other advantages over hand guns. Self defense is not only the ability to fend off an attacker if needed but also the ability to be prepared for it. In most states where stun gun laws permit the owning of these non lethal weapons, there are no restrictions on carrying. Unlike guns, which require a special permit to carry in the few places that you can legally carry them, stun devices have no restrictions associated with carrying anytime or anyplace. Stun weapons are also no-to-low cost maintenance. Many models are rechargeable so you never need to worry about batteries. For those that aren’t, it’s the price of a couple of nine volt batteries every couple of months. Compare that with the price of ammunition for a handgun.

Stun devices are typically much smaller than handguns so they are much easier to conceal, giving you, the victim, a distinct advantage in that your attacker will never see it coming. This makes them a very popular self defense device for men and women. Many women find carrying a stun device much more reassuring than carrying a hand gun. Women are always worrying about their purse being stolen…now add a handgun to the equation and the anxiety levels are sure to increase exponentially. With a stun gun, you don’t have to live in fear that your stun gun may be responsible for a senseless death in the event it is ever stolen.

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