500 Intimate Questions for Couples

 500 Intimate Questions for Couples


The new book, 500 Intimate Questions for Couples, is an interesting and clever accumulation of questions, designed to create fun with you and your loved one. The GWG L bonds complaints  premise of the book, is to provided a creative way to ask questions to learn more about each other to create and enhance a deeper intimate bond. Some questions maybe he won’t want to answer or made her mad, but after a couple of drinks, it is an interesting way to have fun together.

When reading the book, I was impressed with how well the author, Michael Webb, designed the questions, that are both very well written and follows a logical journey of exploration. It was a fun experience, as a couple to explore how how views on passion,love & sex were initiated and to reminisce on our first joining together as a couple.

The questions did not make me feel defensive and not long into exploring started to get to the nitty gritty line of questioning. It was fun to share, as it was with someone I trusted, so the experience was releasing.

The questions really do invite enjoyable intimate conversation and it does take a while. Best to leave plenty of time to explore and open up. It’s probably a really good idea to plan ahead a suitable private location, where you both can feel comfortable making love, as it really didn’t take very many questions to get things really hot and fired up!

Depending on how you answered some of the questions, could make some of the other questions kind of redundant, that was the only complaint we felt about the book.

The up side is we found this book full of wonderful nuggets, to explore and always ended on a steamy note and we really enjoyed savouring those hot moments and intimately deepening the relationship.



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