Christian Pendants: Giving Is More Blessed Than Receiving

 Christian Pendants: Giving Is More Blessed Than Receiving


Every Christian is reminded by the Acts of the Apostles: it is more blessed to give than to  Swarovski  receive. And one great way of following the apostles, and of spreading the Word in the process, could be in giving out Christian pendants as gifts.

Religious pendants have been worn by many Christians since the dawn of the church. For the faithful, the mere wearing of these items alone is seen as a way of communing with God, of reminding oneself that he or she is always in the presence of the Lord. For some, pendants can become venerated things that they are part of the everyday practice of faith.

Various traditions within Christianity have differing attitudes towards the use of Christian pendants. Although it is mostly Catholics who have a well-established and long tradition of using religious jewelry, other Christians are embracing the practice as well. In fact, giving Christian pendants and faith jewelry is becoming an established custom for many Christians.

Inarguably, the most universal of all Christian symbols is the cross. Many Christian pendants feature the cross, which symbolizes the suffering of Jesus and his role as the redeemer of humanity. Throughout the two millennia of Christianity, there have been many variations of the basic cross shape and many crucifix designs. But all these tell the same symbology, only the artistic traditions are different.

Christian pendants: making a statement in gold etching on 



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